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More Than 35 Years of Experience in Woodworking


John Patterson is an artist whose woodworking talent spans over 35 years.

His craft has evolved from an extremely diverse background that includes: Building custom cabinetry, furniture, curved staircases, specialized commercial works, apprenticed building boats with a master boat builder, some extremely special urns and now these incredible beautiful slab wood tables.

These tables have centered as the conference tables and desk in which businesses have been built and the tables in which family and friends will gather for generations.

Each project has its own Uniquely special beauty that will captivate those who gaze at their character.

While over 35 years of wood working has given him the skill of manipulating and finishing his works, a passion for the forest and nature are his inspirations.

Growing up in Northeast Ohio has given John an appreciation for the craftsmanship of the steel structures and industrial heritage of the Cleveland area.

Some of John's most recent works have powerfully combined the rugged nature of steelwork in the table foundation with the beauty of magnificent slabs of hand selected wood surfaces to create some Unique and stunning tables and desks.

The recent style that John developed makes it difficult to discern that what may appear to be steelwork, is in fact, actually solid wood that has been shaped and finished to look like a large bent twisted steel girder covered in rivets.

Selecting a slab wood surface for one of his projects is a very important and personal part of the creation. John works with a variety of sources to find the selections of wood that provide the qualities that make his creations exceptional. John often likes the characteristic beauty found in Curly and Spalted Maples, Walnut and Redwood Burls.

With a background in building boats and curved staircases, John has discarded the philosophy of let's build it straight and square because that is the easiest way.

Bending the lines and curving your subject gives it a character that only the adventurous could discover. John enjoys the challenge and Unique results of bending and curving the lines of his subject. Broadly rounding out the edges has the effect of stretching out and enhancing the grain revealing more of the natural beauty that is hiding deeper within the wood.

John is always seeking out wood with the Unique grain, coloring, shape and texture that he connects with. The right piece of material will speak to him. Their beauty and inspiration are obvious.

There is more than a lifetime worth of inspired ideas swirling through John's head.

Usually the client will give John artistic freedom to create them something special based on their needs.

Some memorable projects have been created as a result of the collaboration between John and a client with an inspired idea.

"It is very rewarding to work together to create something that has such beauty and meaning and bring it to fruition."

"There is a shared passion and enthusiasm that builds as we go from brainstorming to reviewing sketches, selecting and processing materials and finally to finishing the end product."

"The reaction of a client when they see the creation unveiled in its place is one that never grows old."

John's craft has had many phases. Each has brought about the discovery of different styles of creation and Unique methods of finishing. This evolution is producing masterpieces that will inspire many for generations.

"Working with the client our only limitation is our imaginations"...